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Meaningful work in a new future

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Amalia Chilianis Consulting

The name Amalia is of Hebrew, German and Italian origin meaning “Work

Combining over 20years of expertise in career, capability and wellbeing to help organisations, teams and individuals plan for, create and find meaningful work in a new future. 

Businesses and people are already capable, but often things get in the way of creating meaningful work in a thriving workplace.

If you need help with planning for, creating or finding meaningful work for yourself or for people leaving or staying in your organisation, then contact me for a discussion.

Career services

Whether you have found yourself at a cross roads and are re-evaluating your work/career or you are an organisation looking to provide support to your people as some people leave and some stay, we are well placed to help you.

Offering a flexible and holistic program tailored to the priority needs of the individual to best prepare them for securing meaningful employment

Underpinned by psychology and wellbeing and delivered through 1 on 1 Coaching and information sessions. All offered virtually.


Coaching mid-career professionals seeking to make a change in work and wellbeing using a combination of coaching and mentoring techniques.

Most people are much more capable than they realise. The challenge is that they are not aware of the valuable capabilities that they have.

A holistic program through a packaged number of sessions, to help you achieve your goals and reach your desired outcome.

Workshops & Training

Workshops and training available on a range of topics including Meaningful Work, Wellbeing and Developing Capability in a new future.

All sessions are available virtually and face to face.

If you have something specific that your organisation needs, please reach out and let’s chat.

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M: +61 419 279 029