We deliver a range of offerings to help you achieve the outcomes you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Get in touch below and we’ll organise a no obligation discussion to determine what would work best for you and outline the fees.

Career and Work

Transition and Coaching support

Do you need to provide your people with career or outplacement services?

Are you wanting a change or have been forced to change due to redundancy and need help?

Feeling stuck?

These are common for many people at a mid-point in their career. We offer a range of packages for individuals directly and for organisations procuring services.

What is different about career services with Amalia

  • A flexible and holistic program tailored to your priority needs to best prepare you to plan for, create and secure satisfying meaningful work.
  • Pragmatic and supportive, underpinned by Psychology and Wellbeing
  • Delivered virtually through 1 on 1 coaching and information sessions
  • Strengths and capability focused with a view of expanding your job and career options
  • Can deploy a team of coaches with lived experience through redundancy, strong industry and capability expertise and psychology qualifications

Coaching packages commonly involve 6 hourly sessions over 3 to 4 months. You can increase this to 8 session by selecting the 45minute session. However if you have a specific need that only requires a few sessions, there is a shorter 3 session package.

Wellbeing and Capability

A holistic approach for your people

Concerned with your team’s wellbeing?

Experiencing unprecedented times of uncertainty and change?

Need to find a way to re-imagine a new future based on your existing capability?

Together we will plan a way forward reviewing the current status of your team’s wellbeing and develop a pragmatic wellbeing and capability improvement program.

Contact me for a free 30 minute discussion to explore working together. Sessions can be run virtually.

Team Session

Connect, Collaborate & Care

Team days are important for planning and aligning the team to a common goal.

By combining a review of team priorities and exploring a model for wellbeing we help teams discover their own recipe for wellbeing while creating a path forward to delivering on an exciting future strategy together.

These can be facilitated virtually.


I was fortunate to work intensively alongside Amalia in a top-ten ASX organisation.  During a time of upheaval, Amalia’s unique combination of deep expertise, foresight and courageous leadership saw her broker a unifying capability framework and future-focused learning strategy for the global business; a result that had eluded previous leaders for years.  On a personal level, Amalia’s warm, down-to-earth approach always left me feeling respected, positive and empowered.  Amalia is simply one of those rare people

Paul Batfay
Workplace capability specialist

Thank you Amalia!  Before your coaching I had won five or six interviews but I had received no job offers.  I felt competent and confident and I felt the interviews had gone well enough and I couldn’t understand why I kept missing out.  You showed me that I was failing to properly sell myself.  I was too relaxed and was not clearly demonstrating my potential.  Using the strategies I learned and practised with you, my last two interviews were successful – now I am having to choose between two tempting job offers!

senior policy advisor

As somebody with 20+ years of experience in the world of capability development; I can certainly testify to Amalia Chilianis expertise in this field. Well worth listening to

tom power
CEO profiling online

Let’s build something together.

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